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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs


  The Department of English Instruction offers two programs: the Bachelors and the Masters programs. The Department was formerly known as the Department of Foreign Languages of the Taipei Municipal Teachers’ College. In 2000, the Department of Foreign Languages was transformed into the Department of English Instruction. And in 2004, the Master’s program was launched.
§Past Chairpersons

2. Our Aims

(1) Cultivate excellent professional English talent
(2) Integrate elementary school education with training in English instruction
(3) Cultivate research talent in elementary English instruction

3. Educational Outcomes

(1) Cultivate outstanding English instruction talent in and professional talents in related fields
(2) Integrate training in English and general education knowledge
(3) Promote social participation and broaden international perspectives

4. Basic Competencies

(1) Competency in effective communication
(2) Recognize and respect interpersonal relationships
(3) Strong sense of teamwork
(4) Participation in social work. Care for minorities in the society.
(4) Strong sense of concern for human well-being and respecting multiculturalism
(6) Competency in cultural literacy and international outlook

5. Core Abilities

(1) Competency in the knowledge and usage of English
(2) Competency in appreciating English literature
(3) Competency in cross-cultural communication
(4) Competency and professionalism in English instruction
(5) Competency in English logical thinking, problem discovery and problem solving
(6) Competency in self-growth in English professional knowledge and life-long learning
(7) Competency in English instruction and related disciplines, including professional knowledge of working in different industries

Competency in concern for society

6. Our Features


       All faculty of the professional courses of our Department are Ph.D. holders who are specialized in English teaching, literature, children’s literature, linguistics, language evaluation, and etc. We also employ two native speakers with Master’s degrees as English teachers who are responsible for basic English teaching and provide English consultations to students. Each year, we take in 35 students, are who taught in small classes. In some of the basic skills courses, small group teaching is employed in consideration of each student’s individual differences and learning outcomes. 


      Our Department’s undergraduate program aims to help students to develop their English communication ability, cultivate their professional knowledge in English instruction, and integrate both elementary school curriculum and practical training to cultivate brilliant elementary school English teachers. Our curriculum is four-fold: basic competency in English, English instruction, linguistic, and western literature, among which basic competency in English and English instruction are the core courses in the training of professional English teachers and researchers in English education with a focus on both theory and practice. Meanwhile, linguistics and literature courses are auxiliary courses which aim to cultivate students’ basic ability to understand, analyze, and appreciate British and American literature. Moreover, our Department closely collaborates with the Affiliated Elementary School of the University of Taipei and the elementary in Taipei City as they offer internship opportunities for our students. Likewise, our can apply what they have learnt in practice to help them become elementary school English teachers who are both competent in English instruction and in self-reflection.

7. Developmental Direction

To cope with full-scale English instruction in the elementary schools, our department strives to develop professional talent in elementary school English instruction. Considering society’s needs and the current transformations the education system is undergoing, our students - in addition to engaging in English teaching - should be provided with more opportunities to work in various industries and further their studies in different disciplines. Our Department, therefore, is gradually developing into an English Department with diverse opportunities and professional courses in education. By deepening our students’ understanding in British and American cultures and orienting them in practical English literacy, we are eager to cultivate them into professional English talent who are deeply-rooted in cultural literacy and in their international outlook. By leveraging on our competitive advantages, our Department has transformed our original selling points in the preparation of teaching content and materials, classroom communication, speech, body expression, multimedia applications, etc. into professional English teaching courses to develop the competency in speaking English, impromptu questions and answers, professional presentations, and other abilities. Likewise, our students can go beyond the limitations of the current curriculum and immerse themselves even more deeper and more expansively within an English instruction environment, hence enabling students who are interested in English teaching to continue develop their professional skills in English instruction and also equip them to speak English better and with multimedia presentation skills. Upon graduation, our students can become professional talents in English teaching, editors of teaching materials, writers of English reading material for children, etc. In addition, our students- with their English abilities - can also choose to work in the fields of international marketing in English, English presentation, mass communication in English media to seek further development in the workplace.