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Double Major

Double Major

A minimum of 62 credits are required for English Instruction double majors.

  1. Required/credits(44 credits)
  2. English Pronunciation 2 /0

    English Pronunciation Instruction 0/2

    Introduction to Linguistics

    Introduction to Western Literature 2/2

    Introduction to Children’s Literature 0/2

    Intermediate Listening and Speaking Practice 1/1

    Intermediate Writing Practice 2/2

    Teaching English to Children 0/2

    English Teaching Materials and Methods 2/0

    Topics in English: History and Culture 2/0

    Introduction to Second Language Acquisition 2/0

    Topics in English: Science and Technology 2/0

    Introduction to Translation 2/0

    Basic Translation 0/2

    English Language Assessment 0/2

    Advanced Listening and Speaking Practice 1/1

    Advanced Writing Practice 2/2

    Observation and Teaching Practice 1/1

    Graduation Performance 0/0



  3. Choose any elective courses offered by English Instruction Department for a total of 18 credits.