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EI   English of Instruction | University of Taipei

Aims, Educational Vision and Goals

Aims, Educational Vision and Goals

  • Aims
        Total enrollment of undergraduate students (by class size) accords with the numbers prescribed by the Ministry of Education for elementary-teaching student classes, with 35 students in each class. The master’s program recruits 12 students per year in principle, but also accepts additional students, including ethnic Taiwanese students who were born abroad, exchange students, and students from Mainland China. Currently the department defines itself as an educational unit specializing in the training of English instructors which works to integrate both English education and general knowledge in its students. Its educational goal is to prepare globally-minded English educators and related professionals for participation in today’s society.


  • Educational Vision and Goals
  1. Undergraduate
    • To train English educators and related professionals
    • To combine English instruction with general knowledge
    • To prepare globally-minded educators for participation in today’s society

  2. Master’s
    • To train students for research in English instruction
    • To integrate research across English education and related fields
    • To train students for participation in academic life and instill in our students the basic skills for research on English education in Taiwan